Models: Industrial Transformers


15 kVA Dolly Type

15kVA Dolly Type Portable Power Transformer, 600V or 480V primary to 120/208V secondary, NEMA 3R with stainless steel protective cage with two 10" never flat casters.

15 kVA Dolly type configuration:

  • 25ft section of #6/4C SOOW multiple-conductor cable, hardwired to the primary voltage side.
  • 35A 600V/OFF/480V rotary voltage selector switch located on the primary side.
  • 60A 3P 240V 80% rated Main breaker on the secondary side.
  • 200A 3Ø-5W Square-D QO load center to distribute 120/208V with: 
    • 8x 20A 125V GFCI Duplex receptacle with metal outdoor rated covers.
    • 2x 30A 250V NEMA L6-30 twist-lock receptacle with lexan covers.
  • Aluminum NEMA 3R enclosure with bottom access trap door (hardwire out access).
  • Stainless steel protective frame with forklift pockets and lifting eyelets.
  • Large never flat casters.

15kVA Dolly Type Technical Features

  1. Stainless steel protective frame with 4x lifting eyelets.
  2. 25ft of #6/4C power cord with bare end hardwired to the primary side of the transformer.
  3. 20A 125V NEMW 5-20R GFCI protected duplex receptacle with Taymac metal cover.
  4. 30A 250V NEMA L6-30R twist-lock receptacle with Lexan cover.
  5. Two 10'' Never-flat casters.

  1. Lightweight aluminum enclosure, NEMA 3R, powder coated RAL7035.
  2. Padlockable main door with clear polycarbonate window.
  3. Large forklift pockets.


Energy efficient dry-type transformer features:
  • Aluminum coil windings are of high quality magnet wire.
  • UL Class 220°C insulation system, 150°C temperature rise under full load. 
  • Weather shields (NEMA Type 3R) for outdoor use.
  • Every coil is impregnated and baked in polyester resin varnish.
  • Standard ±5% or ±2x2.5% taps.
  • UL Listed File No. E108255.
  • CSA Standard C22.2 No. 47 and certified under File No. LR34493.
  • Quality assurance and testing are full compliance with CSA Z299.3 & ISO 9001 programs.
  • Compliant to NEMA TP-1 Standards.
Power Distribution Panel features:
  • 0.090" Aluminum NEMA 3R enclosure, powder coated RAL7035.
  • Heavy duty carbon steel skid with large pockets and lifting eyelets.
  • Never flat urethane casters with locks.
  • 3 Position voltage selector switch on the primary side: 600V-OFF-480V.
  • Anti-vibration pads installed between the enclosure and the core/coil.
  • UL1640 Listed, Portable Power Distribution Panel, file number E350898.
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No.14 Listed.


15Kva Industrial Transformer Panel application:
  • For use as a temporary power distribution system in industrial plant shutdowns/ maintenance.
  • Isolation power filter for entertainment industry such as live events, recreational parks & broadcasting.
  • To step-down power for construction sites, utility plants, refineries, military & shipyards.
  • Temporary power for remote work areas, job trailers and man-camps in the oilfields.