To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose genuine spare parts. HIPOWER guarantees parts that are custom designed, tested and approved specifically for your generator sets. HIPOWER spare parts maximize performance, prolong the life of your equipment and meet today's strict requirements. Superior design and top-quality materials result in maximum power, longevity and low total cost of operation.

At Hipower, we understand your equipment may be a critical piece of the puzzle for your operations. We strive to maintain an inventory capable of assisting you in getting the consumables your generator needs. We stock the belts, air, oil and fuel filters your equipment needs to run as it's designed. Our inventory has been designed to support you.

Optimal protection of your engine: Filters 

Our filters are engineered to resist premature plugging while providing reliable filtration at the specified particle size. They're designed to resist collapse, even under severe duty.

  • High-Quality Construction. Original Equipment filters are specifically fitted to respect HIPOWER technical requirements. That is why they are the best products for your machines.
  • Superior Filtering Media.  Media is the key element of air and liquid filters. Our filters guarantee higher efficiency, lower restriction and higher capacity.
  • Protection. Our filters improve engine performance and reduce downtime and operating costs.



Contact our Parts Department for purchasing of replacement parts. 

For hard parts, we can obtain them, or produce them in a timely manner to reduce your down-time. 

If we built it, we can service it. 

Please be sure to provide the unit serial number with any parts request you may have.

At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  Contact us today and experience the HIPOWER difference.