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    EHR | Battery Power Generator is a new energy storage and distribution system developed by HIPOWER SYSTEMS, guaranteeing zero noise & emissions.


    A New Smart Energy Storage And Distribution System

    EHR | Battery Power Generator is a new energy storage and distribution system developed by HIPOWER SYSTEMS, guaranteeing zero noise & emissions. 

    The EHR has been designed to be integrated with a Diesel or Spark-Ignited generator sets or connected to public electricity grids and photovoltaic modules. It is equipped with the HICORE SYSTEM, a management technology designed by HIPOWER which allows a more efficient use of energy. This smart grid controller selects the most favourable energy source for each charging condition, thereby achieving the greenest and most efficient energy solution.

    Designed to follow just three simple steps, the pre-configured working mode selector allows the user to configure the Battery Power Generator for the different applications or modes of use: Plug & Play, Light Loading, Peak Shaving, UPS & Load Sharing. The main goal of these modes is to optimize energy production by increasing efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability, while at the same time reducing total emissions.

    The battery power generator perfectly integrates batteries, inverter, control unit, power connections, solar MC4 Connectors and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers) within a compact canopy.

     LFP batteries are designed for a lifetime of 50,000 hours. At one cycle per day, this would allow for a life of approximately 5 years, considerably more than other manufacturer’s batteries and storage systems. The battery pack can be replaced quickly and economically.

    “This new product is undoubtedly another step forward in the energy transition process”, says Francisco Gracia, President, and CEO of HIMOINSA, who goes on to assure us that the company is working on the development of new products based on alternative fuel technologies, so that it can offer the market a complete solution at the cutting edge of new technologies and energy sources. “To be more precise, we are working on the electrification of products that will exist alongside the traditional Diesel and Spark-Ignited generators that HIMOINSA currently offers, and to continue optimizing the reduction of the carbon footprint with more efficient and environmentally sustainable gas and diesel generator solutions”.

    The battery power generator is reliable and robust. Its mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions. The EHR guarantees a high performance in a wide range of temperatures from 5ºF to 113ºF. Its electrical and mechanical protections always ensure user safety. The EHR is ideal for urban, noise-sensitive environments and for buildings and events in metropolitan areas, telecommunications, rental units used in light loading applications and renewable power storage.

    EHR is available in single-phase -10, 20 & 40 kVA - and three-phase 15 & 30 kVA nominal power solutions, with two different storage capacity options per model (ratios of 1:1 and 1:2). This optimal configuration makes it possible to complete the battery charging process in less than 1.5 hours (ratio of 1:1).  

    All the models have an overload capacity of up to 300% to start electrical motors. Also, it can be combined with the battery storage energy and the main power source (genset or mains) to increase the total hybrid system output by an additional 100 Amps.

    User Friendly | HICORE Smart Management System


    HICORE is HIPOWER-designed management system that lets operators select the most favourable power source for a specific load condition at any given time. It can be integrated with a diesel or spark-ignited generator sets or connected to public electricity grids and renewable energy sources.

    With HICORE, our main objective is to guarantee the optimization of the different power sources by means of an interface that has been designed to provide a guided and simple experience for any operator, who will be able to choose the most appropriate working mode at any given moment. In addition, to ensure immediate start-up, we offer a Plug & Play mode which allows the EHR to automatically decide which is the best operational option at any given moment based on a constant analysis of the load profile and the connected sources.

    Working on the development of HICORE has been one of the keys to this project. We have made the EHR so smart that it's able to simplify how it's used and at the same time configure any scenario with no more than three basic steps, which allows us to offer our customers a best-in-class market solution”, says Agustín Rodrigo, Global Product Manager (Storage & Telecom) at HIMOINSA, who describes the EHR as a robust and compact product that is accessible for different user levels and can be adapted to any application and work environment.

    The EHR is 100% user-friendly. It is in fact a bespoke development whose primary objective is simplicity of use, with the emphasis being placed on two main principles during the development process:

    • User experience:  Easy system configuration and handling. Smart guidance throughout the start-up process with a smart assistant, making it easy to operate the unit.
    • Always connected: Get all the performance info you need through C4CLOUD which comes pre-installed on the unit. Monitor, read and analyse all the performance and load profile information locally or remotely (4G) to optimise your 'On-site' power solution.  

    Efficiency and Optimal Performance | 

    EHR & Generator

    As we mentioned, the EHR can operate as a main power source, reducing emissions and noise to zero, or it can be combined with a diesel or Spark-Ignited generator set to enable intelligent load management. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically in these combined working scenarios.

    But that's not all!  

    What are the advantages of hybridization (EHR + Generator set)?

    •  Increase the genset lifetime.
    • Reduce maintenance checks by up to 50%
    • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%
    • Improve the genset load profile
    • Avoid oversizing the genset to start electrical motors

    Operators and rental companies that add the EHR| Battery Power Generator to their fleet will enjoy a considerable reduction of their Operating Costs (OPEX) and a very positive impact on their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


    Features and Benefits

    •  Zero Emissions & Zero Noise: 100% clean solution. Reduces Carbon Footprint.
    • Renewable Energy: Ready to connect Plug & Play PV panels to the system. Including up to 8kW MPPT, we can integrate renewable energies into any working mode, increasing efficiency.
    • Ease of Use: (UX-UI) User-friendly interface designed by HIPOWER SYSTEMS to simplify your day-to-day work. HICORE, Smart Management Systems.
    • Connectivity: Smartphone APP (Remote configuration, maintenance & diagnostics) / WEB Portal / 3G/4G Remote Communication, Dual SIM Modem/Router.
    • Robust Design: The mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions and temperatures from 5ºF to 113ºF. The canopy has best-in-class primer and powder coating. Galvanized frame (Optional).
    • Transport Efficiency: The design includes a lifting eye, skid frame with forklift pockets, anti-theft features and rental skid for towing and winching.
    • Accessibility & Maintenance: Wide doors in all sides, so easy access to change air filters.


    Reasons why the EHR is an asset for rental companies

     Highlighted below are reasons why hybrid power is an asset for rental companies and why HIPOWER SYSTEMS provides its customers with a complete 'Mobile Power' solution:

    1. Our global responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and guarantee sustainable growth. Renewable power needs to be promoted among equipment rental companies, event organizers and large building contractors to reduce our carbon footprint.

     2. Running a generator set in combination with an EHR allows both units to perform at their best. Companies renting generator sets face a series of uncertainties when they do so; uncertainties that completely disappear when the two units work in combination with one another; this puts an end to the need to resize generator sets and to the problems inherent in working with a light load profile.

    3. Improves Load Transfer Speed. In the event of an outage, it takes around 10 seconds or more for a genset alone to ramp up to speed and be able to take load. The EHR reaches a response time of 20 milliseconds, so it is significantly faster at load acceptance and restoring power than a genset.

    4.  It solves the problem of noise in urban environments where noise requirements are increasingly constant, given that they are even able to operate at night without generating any noise impact.

    5. Reduction in OPEX. The diesel generator will only start up if the battery generator needs to be recharged or if large loads need to be used. This avoids considerable fuel and maintenance costs per diesel unit which extends the lifetime of the generator set and minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO). The EHR improves the load profile of the genset which means lower specific fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

    6.  The resale value and the lifetime of the generator set increases, as it will have to run for fewer hours.

    7. The total cost of ownership of the battery is lower as virtually no maintenance is required, plus it has a guaranteed service life of more than 5 years and a 7-year warranty.


    HIPOWER SYSTEMS, is a vertically integrated power generation manufacturer, with a state-of-the-art 515,000 sq ft North American headquarters and manufacturing center in Olathe, Kansas.  As part of the YANMAR Group of companies, HIPOWER specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of Diesel and Spark-Ignited standby and mobile generator sets from 10 to 2000 kWe.  Since its founding in 2004, HIPOWER has enjoyed a very healthy growth in the North American marketplace.  Our products are sold through a network of dealers strategically located in the U.S. and Canadian markets.  These same highly qualified dealer-partners provide the end-user the industry expertise and post-sale support needed to meet any standard or unique application requirements.

    At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  

    Contact us today and experience the HIPOWER difference.

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