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    BACKUP POWER: The Farmer's Advantage

    In today's heavily automated agricultural and animal husbandry markets, power continuity is a must.  Many operations can grind to a halt during a power outage, and the careful timing of harvesting, milking and other mission-critical operations can be disrupted.  The disruption can cause millions of dollars in losses and potentially put the farm and its products in jeopardy.

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS has built a strong reputation for reliable and staunch support for farm and livestock operations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Farmers and ranchers aren't always in the office, so the remote monitoring and control systems used on our precision-engineered generators act as their backup teams.  Our systems ensure power continuity whether operators are performing last-minute maintenance checks before a storm or heading to market when power fails unexpectedly.

    FPT's (Case New Holland) new range of state-of-the-art engines cover all power generation applications.  As the standards for diesel engines grow ever more stringent, a constant decrease in emissions becomes a key benchmark for improvement. FPT's products have functional layouts, hi-tech contents and carefully selected, top-quality components.

    Generators DIESEL / Powered by Case New Holland (FPT) 

    RANGE: HDA - 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 180, 200 and 250 kW

    Point of Interest 

    Competitive Pricing

    Heavy-Duty Industrial Engines

    Stamford Alternators

    Years or 2,000 Hrs (Whichever occurs first) Limited Warranty.

    Deep Sea Electronics 4510 

    DSEGenset® is an intelligent range of single-set and multiset generator control solutions, mains protection relays, lighting tower control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators, remote communications devices and expansion modules. Each range has been designed and manufactured by our industry leading experts to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.


    Standard engine and electronic CANbus variants


    Configurable inputs/outputs (6 digital inputs/4 outputs – 2 outputs configurable on magnetic pick-up variant)


    Configurable timers & alarms. Large back-lit icon LCD display. 

    Remote start input.

    Standard & Configurable Options

    To support the widest range of environments with resilient, state-of-the-art equipment, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed an extensive array of durable design, powered by engines from top manufactures and backed by exhaustive prototype testing.  Our manufacturing facilities utilize the latest advances in fabrication, mechanical and electrical component assembly, production and testing. 

    Standard Features

    •  Rust-Proof Heavy-Duty Steel Structure
    • Integral Vibration Isolators
    • Built-in Forklift Pockets
    • Air Cleaner
    • Battery Charging Alternator
    • Factory-Installed Radiator
    • Junction Box
    •  Mechanical Lugs
    •  Fan Guard
    • Spark Arrestor
    • Radiator Heat Exchanger Guard
    • Heated Control Panel
    • High Capacity Battery
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty (Standby Rated Units)
    • Over Rider Mode

    Configurable Optional Features

    •  Main Line Circuit Breaker
    •  Block Heater
    • Battery Charger
    • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
    • Battery with Cables

    Fixed applications 

    Where nothing can go wrong


    Key Benefits

    • Clean electrical arrangement with labeled wire (Not Stamped)
    • Powerful Stamford Alternators for better generator performance
    • Engineered for high-volume production
    • Affordable Generators that will meet EPA standby emissions
    • Quick lead times
    • Case New Holland (FPT) Engines generators allowing certified technicians to be more intrusive during service.

    All the support you need 

    Do you want to use our sizing tool to find the generator set that best suits your installation? Or if you need to access our digital catalogue of spare parts, don't worry, get access to our applications from any device and we will provide you with the tools to increase your productivity. CONTACT YOUR HIPOWER REP TODAY!

    Faster, more efficient, more autonomous...

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