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    Mobile Generators 

    Delivering prime power solutions in a wide range of power nodes, HIPOWER Mobile Tier 4 Final generators are engineered specifically for the needs of the North American market.  The range has been completely redesigned in partnership with our customers, to better support a variety of mobile applications and withstand the harshest working conditions.  Our mobile product line is all about the end-user experience, serviceability, maximizing uptime and durability.

    Robust packages designed to perform in the harshest environments.

    A wide range from 25 to 1375 kVA covering the most demanding applications of the rental, construction, mining, oil/gas and entertainment industries.Our world renowned acoustic enclosures designed to minimize sound levels as low as 63dB(A) while ensuring the industries best Air to  Boil ratings and avoiding water intrusion.

    Diesel Mobile Generators Technical Features


    Plastic Spiral Guards to protect all  Fluid Lines and Hoses.


    For safe and secure roof access on HRJW190 model and above.


    Center of Gravity Single Point Lifting Arc.


    Rain water drain rails.


    Lockable & Slam type Doors.


    All doors are equipped with door stoppers/holders to facilitate service operations.

    Our diesel mobile generators include the latest Tier 4 Final engines and are packed with a rich selection of standard features including, parallel-ready (on 125 kVA and larger models), distribution panel, camlock connectors, PMG, buck boost transformer (on 125 kVA and larger models), block heater and many more.  It also offers a wide range of optional features to best meet our customer needs.

    Mobile Range - Diesel Series

    HRIW Series 

    Powered by ISUZU.  

    Prime: 25 - 125 kVA

    HRJW Series 

    Powered by JOHN DEERE.  

    Prime: 190 - 325 kVA

    HRFW Series 

    Powered by FPT.  

    Prime: 225 - 400 kVA

    HRVW Series 

    Powered by VOLVO.  

    Prime: 625 - 1375 kVA

    powerful engines

    With leading fuel economy and performance while ensuring compliance with the latest emissions standards

    Isuzu-Redtech Engines

    Proven with over 26 Million Engines Worldwide,  Isuzu Engines and Power Units are built to customer requirements with attention to details in fuel economy, environment, robustness and  longevity. Redtech Engines with electronically controlled Hi-Pressure common rail fuel systems. Complete with DOC only or DOC and SCR in larger displacements without the need for a DPF.

    John Deere - Power Tech PSL 

    John Deere PSL 6.8L, & 9.0L engines provide more power in a compact package. Featuring an optimized engine calibration, a 4-valve cylinder head, a high-pressure fuel system, full authority electronic controls, and series turbocharging consisting of a fixed geometry and wastegate turbocharger. Combining proven PowerTech Plus technology with a DOC and SCR system delivers excellent performance and fluid efficiency without the need for a DPF.

    PSI - Industrial Engines

    The FPT Industrial series engines features high load acceptance and fast engine response, and ensures low operating costs thanks to its best-in-class service interval (600 h) and fuel consumption. While optimizing the G-Drive layout & compactness, the pre-assembled ATS is a lifetime solution, maximizing engine uptime without impacting maintenance costs. Finally, the engine combustion is EGR-free, offering outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

    Volvo Penta -T4F Technology

    Volvo EPA Tier 4 Final certified engines maximize efficiency while delivering the power and reliability our customers demand. Volvo developed a simple Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system together with light Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). The Volvo Penta Tier 4 Final solution means less maintenance for customers, as well as better productivity and uptime. 

    SERVICEABILITY - Our generators are engineered with focus on accessibility to make sure routine maintenance is quick and easy to perform.

    Our Tier 4 Final range is designed and engineered with the up most emphasis on serviceability and ease of maintenance.  While our extensive and experienced dealer network provides prompt support when needed most.


    HIPOWER's relentless commitment to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality generators ensure our clients can maximize their up-time and productivity.  Our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kansas, provides us the means to develop new technologies, ensuring a Built-to-Last product line.


    Using the latest Tier 4 Final engines, HIPOWER generators provide all the power needed in the most efficient manner while meeting emissions standards. 

    - HIPOWER SYSTEMS NEW PORTABLE DIESEL TWIN-PACK GENERATORS - THE TWIN-PACKS  are  2 x 625 kVA (HRVW-1250) or 2 x 685 (HRVW-1375) units in parallel on a single trailer with a distribution panel already installed and part of the standard package.  

    designed to perform in the harshest ENVIRONMENTS.

    Our diesels HRVW-1250  & HRVW-1375 include the latest Tier 4 Final engines and are packed with a rich selection of standard features, digital control panel, distribution panel, camlock connectors, PMG, buck boost transformer, block heater and many more.  They also offer a wide range of optional features to best meet our customer needs.

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