Natural disasters can strike anywhere, and the events of recent years—hurricanes, flooding rains, ice storms, scorching heat waves, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires — highlight the need for reliable and resilient power generation when you need it most. It is important to plan for your power requirements accordingly.

    If your business is in an area that is prone to any of these events, it is important to consider purchasing a generator. Although generators can be an expensive investment, the equipment can help you eliminate this downtime and be prepared for the next outage. Also depending on the genset application, can pay for itself during just a single outage.

    BE READY  

    When Disaster Strikes 

    Aside from the direct damage caused by these events, the loss of electricity can be both life-threatening and incredibly costly. With outages last days, weeks or even months, this downtime can cause a huge financial loss. Especially in today's market, the time to scramble to find a generator is not when the event is inevitable as the genset may not be available. 

    The only certain solution that affords business continuity and protects the safety of personnel, equipment and operations is a permanent backup power solution.

    For custom application support & assistance, please contact the HIPOWER SYSTEMS sales team directly at: 



    Ranging from 60-2000 kW, offers highly custom and engineered options. Options such as multiple breakers, snow hoods, permanent magnet generators, 24/48/72-hour fuel tanks, paralleling, and NFPA 110 Level options along with many more allowing for use in almost any application. The HDI standard product line is seismic certified and can be used for any application which requires IBC certification.


    Heavy Duty Industrial Diesel Standby units were put to the test and undergo different configurations on the Earthquake Simulator Shaking Table to make sure the gensets will survive seismic events.


    Planning is the most important step to staying safe, so please take the measures included in this guide to prepare early & protect your family, home & business this storm season.





    When the power supply is disrupted, our lives and businesses can come to a sudden stop. Whether you are protecting your home or your small or medium size business, an automatic standby generator protects you from power failures, restoring power within seconds of an outage, so you can have peace of mind and the power you need.   

    HS STATIONARY product line is versatile, adaptable and, an affordable optional standby diesel generator, which was designed for you residential and light commercial power needs in mind.


    HIPOWER SYSTEMS is a leader in providing continuous and backup power in virtually every possible configuration. It is trusted by companies that have incredibly remote operations, because they know that HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators can be trusted upon in an emergency to do their jobs.



    HIPOWER Tier 4 final portable generators have ability to select up to four different voltages from a single genset. With the standard ability to parallel starting at 125 kVA, it allows for redundancy in critical applications as well as fuel conservation in off-peak hours. HIPOWER offers mobile T4F Diesel generators ranging from 25 kVA up to 1375 kVA allowing to support almost any application.

    Our diesels HRVW-1250  & HRVW-1375 include the latest Tier 4 Final engines and are packed with a rich selection of standard features, digital control panel, distribution panel, camlock connectors, PMG, buck boost transformer, block heater and many more.  They also offer a wide range of optional features to best meet our customer needs.

    Robust packages designed to perform in the harshest environments.

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS understands the importance of speed in disaster relief situations.  Having a stationary or mobile generator is an invaluable safety net for your home or business. Whether the requirements are for an engineer-specified stationary generator or a T4F Mobile rental generator, HIPOWER generators offer versatility, and flexibility in disaster planning or response.

    If you need emergency power today, contact us!

    You are not alone! 

    We are committed to providing you with the best customer and tech support in the industry ensuring peace of mind.  Our technician and dealer network will be pleased to offer the best solution to keep your work non-stop.


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