Standby Power



    Electrical power interruptions of any length create difficulties for business concerns, industrial operations, and people. In some situations, an interruption of even a few minutes can put lives at risk. As weather-related events and power-grid failures become more common, the world is turning to standby generators to ensure power continuity. In the U.S. and Canada, no generator manufacturer is better equipped for -- or more conscientiously focused on -- serving the entire standby generator market than HIPOWER SYSTEMS.

    standby applications 


    From standalone DIESEL generators to SPARK-IGNITED models that ensure vital power continuity for data centers and hospitals, our generators offer unsurpassed quality, innovative engineering, superior efficiency, and performance. Equally important, our state-of-the-art, sound-attenuated enclosures protect sensitive equipment from the elements and provide sound dampening unequalled in the industry.

    For industrial use, our HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL power generators are designed to supply power for running several heavy duty equipment at the same time. What this means for our clients is that production and operations won't be interrupted when the power suddenly goes out.

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    Our *SafeGuard Series stand out for their easy installation and handling. A new canopy concept, 100% suited to stationary applications, with multiple accesses and removable doors for easy maintenance. Quality finishes and details in compliance with HIPOWER SYSTEMS  standards.

    *The production of the SafeGuard series has been discontinued.

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    HIPOWERS' Agriculture line (HDA) has built a strong reputation for reliable and staunch support for farm and livestock operations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Farmers and ranchers aren't always in the office, so the remote monitoring and control systems used on our precision-engineered generators act as their backup teams.


    HS STATIONARY product line is versatile, adaptable and, an affordable optional standby diesel generator, which was designed for you residential and light commercial power needs in mind. .


    As regulations tighten, gas generators are becoming an environmental and economic requisite for many companies. Our HNI product line leads the field in reliability, performance and durability. Our wide assortment of generator and enclosure features and options enables these models to meet every possible application and need.. 

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    Engine Technology

    Standby Applications

    Spare Parts

    Reliable, efficient engines are the heart of our generators. HIPOWER works only with engine manufacturers with an excellent reputation for safety, dependability and longevity under a wide range of environmental conditions.

    Our generators feature hi-tech monitoring and control systems including automated, remote startup and telematics for remote troubleshooting. 

    To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose genuine spare parts. HIPOWER guarantees parts that are custom designed, tested and approved specifically for your generator sets.

    All the support you need at your disposal

    Do you want to use our sizing tool to find the generator set that best suits your installation? Or if you need to access our digital catalogue of spare parts, don't worry, get access to our applications from any device and we will provide you with the tools to increase your productivity. 


    Faster, more efficient, more autonomous...

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