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    Power range

    < 1175 kVA (PRP)

    < 1175 kVA
    < 940 kW


    These generators are an efficient, reliable and versatile source of electrical power that have been designed to operate in the most extreme working conditions. They are built combining an innovative design and the use of high quality materials that provide the user with the most dependable power that can be relied on for non-stop power with easy to operate controls. The HRNG-700, HRNG-900, and HRNG-1250 are powered by a radiator-cooled, industrial PSI Spark-Ignited engines that meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exhaust emission regulations, and drive a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with IP23 protection. The Prime Power kVA rating is given with a 120 degree°C alternator winding temperature rise.

    Most cost-effective solution while minimizing emissions. 

    HIPOWER's  Spark-Ignited prime power series are engineered specifically for the needs of the North American market. The range has been completely designed in partnership with our customers, to meet and exceed their unique requirements. 

    Models - Quick Overview

    HRNG Series | HRNG (LPG) Series 

    Powered by PSI 

    PRIME: 700 -1175 KVA

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    Our Spark-Ignited mobile generators include the most reliable and dependable industrial application engines available worldwide.  

    A rich list of standard features as well as configurable options gives HIPOWER a substantial edge over its competitors.

    Coupled with our optional Winter Packs, HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators don't simply perform in extreme cold, they excel.

    Fuel-source reliability and environmental regulations or concerns are the primary reasons why organizations select natural gas generators for  backup power.


    Uninterrupted Power!

    HIPOWER SPARK-IGNITED PRIME POWER GENERATORS are an efficient and reliable backup power, featuring extended running times and environmentally friendly emissions.  

    HRSG Series | HRSG (LPG) Series 

    Powered by FORD 

    PRIME: 25 -36 KVA

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    Our Mobile Spark-Ignited mobile generators are designed and engineered with the utmost emphasis on serviceability and ease of maintenance.  While our extensive and experienced dealer network provides prompt support when most need it.


    HIPOWER's relentless commitment to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality generators ensure our clients can maximize their up-time and productivity.  Our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kansas, provides us the means to develop new technologies, ensuring a Built-to-Last product line.


    Using the most dependable and reliable engines in the market, HIPOWER generators provide all the power needed in the most efficient manner while meeting emissions standard 

    With more companies expanding into remote sites, unforeseen labor expense can wreck the balance sheet. HIPOWER SYSTEMS' Spark Ignited Series provide ultra-reliable power with minimal human intervention. Their potential to burn by-product gas speeds investment recapture even more.

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