Only ten seconds... Little less than a sigh. It seems almost an insignificant period of time for many businesses but, can you imagine how much information is send through a data center or a financial institution in ten seconds? In the era of information, where many companies depend on a quick response to keep their business connected 24/7 to the customer, it's necessary to have the most reliable quick power response. 

    The power generation industry has adapted to the specific characteristics of these installations with generator sets specifically designed for Data Centers, sized according to the DCP (Data Center Power) power declaration and which comply with the regulations that apply to them.  The Uptime Institute is one of the most internationally  

    recognised organisation  that specify and certify how Data Center installations must be designed. Depending on their availability, it classifies them into four levels: Tier I, II, III, IV. The factor that defines whether a facility is in one or another level is precisely the number of available sources of continuous supply and emergency supply and its maintainability.

    The backup power for the operations that matter!

    Data Centers rely on power and at HIPOWER SYSTEMS, we deliver integrated industrial power systems for emergency, prime and continuous applications worldwide. In the world of data, redundancy is everything.  Equipment must be redundant, from servers to network lines, to ensure that connectivity never goes down. Yet, despite the best efforts of data centers and financial institutions, outages do occur. Up-time, reliability and scalability can be efficiently achieved and designed using HIPOWER industrial generators.  Our product range meets the requirements for the highest level of up-time, such as the uptime Institute's Tier IV standard. Getting the right combination of uninterrupted power supply and generator sets is crucial to meet tier classifications. 


    The data center market will continue to grow strongly as data becomes more and more critical. New usages such as 5G, cloud computing, and video platforms will increase demand. In addition, the number of Internet and Smartphone users will also increase significantly. The availability rate for a data center is essential, and the backup generators are critical. The Data Center generator sets market represents a CAGR of 11% from 2019 to 2022, compared to a 2% CAGR (2019-2022) for the global generator sets market.


    The more critical information stored in a Data Processing Center (DPC), the more secure the power supply that feeds it must be. For this reason, HIPOWER generators for these projects include a redundant starting system: Either electric & pneumatic or double electric plus additional components, which ensures 100% engine starting.

    HIPOWER generator technology is in some of the world's most reliable and demanding data centers.  These are backbone centers where outages are not an acceptable option and 99.999% availability is just a starting point.



    The basic principle of any Data Center is to ensure the security of the data stored in it. HIPOWER generator sets used for these projects may incorporate a redundant starter system: electric + hydraulic or electric + pneumatic. Engine start-up is thus 100% guaranteed. 


    VARIABLE-SPEED RADIATOR. Automatic radiator regulation according to engine temperature ensures lower fuel consumption and reduces noise. Automatic radiator regulation is included as an option.



    With integrated pre-heating resistance with a pump, engine water is kept at a temperature of at least 40ºC, which enables the generator sets to start 10 seconds after any power outage, ensuring a totally secure uninterrupted power supply for data centers.


    10 seconds after a power outage, the engine starts at 100% capacity.


    (Check engine models)

    Its response is extremely fast thanks to the engine preheating with pump  . The water is kept at a minimum temperature of 104°F and so the generator set is able to start up in ten seconds. The engine for a DCP application must have an electronic speed regulator to be able to quickly reach favorable voltage and frequency conditions when a mains failure demands its start-up and once these parameters are stabilised, to keep them that way while it is running. 

    The energy consumption of these Data Centres is significant, not only for the  ordinary operation of the IT equipment , but also to keep the rooms in which they are located at the right temperature for optimal server performance (68ºC). Therefore, not only the application-specific aspects, but also the on-site conditions such as ambient temperature and altitude are taken into account when sizing the generator set.

    For custom application support & assistance, please contact the HIPOWER SYSTEMS sales team directly at: 

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