Underwriters Laboratories Certifies HIPOWER SYSTEMS MTU Generators for UL 2200 Compliance

16 MTU standby diesel generators has been added to the long list of HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators certified in the UL2200,

HIPOWER SYSTEMS today announced the addition of 16 MTU standby diesel generators to the long list of HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators certified in the UL2200, Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies classification. The latest models to be certified cover a power range from 264kW (HMW 270 T6) to 1230kW (HMW 1230).

Previously UL2200 certified HIPOWER SYSTEMS' generators include its John Deere and FPT-Iveco-powered diesel generators, as well as its entire line of PSI-powered natural gas generators.  HIPOWER SYSTEMS is also pursuing UL2200 certification for its Yanmar and Waukesha powered diesel generators, which will complete UL2200 certification for HIPOWER SYSTEMS' entire stationary diesel and natural gas generator categories.

UL2200 Certification

UL2200 Certification is more than an achievement that pleases our customers,” said HIPOWER SYSTEMS President Rafael Acosta. “It is a testament to HIPOWER's ongoing commitment to sell only the highest quality, safest and most highly certified generators in the industry. From our portable natural gas generators to our industrial standby generators, HIPOWER SYSTEMS seeks to engineer excellence into every piece of equipment we manufacture.”To comply with the exacting specifications of the UL2200 standard, HIPOWER SYSTEMS reengineered and updated numerous components within the generator's scope of supply—in addition to control panel modifications required to reach certification compliance. 

Lengthy, detailed engineering work not only ensured certification; it also allowed HIPOWER SYSTEMS to maintain the aesthetics and design of the existing enclosures. At the same time, care was taken to ensure that features customers have come to prize in the HMW range remained intact. The MTU generators will also be offered with different alternator options—including Mecc-Alte and Stamford—to let customers stay with a “favorite” brand.

“Aesthetically, these generators are identical to those that have become a mainstay for our standby customers,” said Acosta. “They have the same configuration and are available with the same customizations. As a bonus, we have extended the range of our fuel tanks to enable up to 96 hours of run time, which gives facilities five full days of power.”


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