EHR HyBrid power generator

    A Mobile Power Solution

    The energy grid is currently facing unprecedented challenges, including the need to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, an increase in demand due to the rise of electric vehicles, and unstable infrastructure. 

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS is dedicated to providing resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to support this energy transition. Our wide range of hybrid and eco-friendly products includes the EHR Series, which offers battery energy storage systems to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With EHR Power generator you can store energy from multiple sources (generator, solar, or grid) and redistribute it to a site in need at a later time. By using a hybrid configuration, you can improve the generator's runtime, decrease fuel consumption, minimize carbon emissions, reduce noise, and enhance overall performance.

    HIPOWER’S NEW EHR HYBRID POWER GENERATOR is designed to maximize energy production, workforce & transport efficiency for the rental market. The EHR HYBRID combines the benefits of the EHR battery energy storage system with the benefits of a HIPOWER Spark-Ignited or Tier 4 Final Diesel Generator in a single trailered mobile prime power product. 

    HIPOWER offers the EHR HYBRID POWER GENERATOR in multiple fuel options with generators ranging from 20-40 kVA output with 20-60 kWh storage.

    The EHR HYBRID Power Generator is a complete ready-to-use hybrid package on a single trailer. This simplifies logistics and maximizes workforce efficiency while reducing the overall system footprint.


    Choosing a the EHR HYBRID POWER GENERATOR guarantees the best possible performance of the units, improves load profile and ensures a reduction in operating costs because the operation is optimized with a constant analysis of the load and the connected sources. 

    Reasons why the EHR HYBRID POWER GENERATOR is an asset for rental companies

    Find out why hybrid power is an asset for rental companies and why HIPOWER provides its customers with a complete 'Mobile Power' solution:

    1. Our global responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and guarantee sustainable growth. Renewable power needs to be promoted among equipment rental companies, event organizers and large building contractors in order to reduce our carbon footprint. If your company isn't pursuing this vision, its chances of staying in the market are nil.

    2. Running a generator set with a T4F engine in combination with an EHR allows both units to perform at their best. Companies renting generator sets with T4F engines face a series of uncertainties when they do so; uncertainties that virtually disappear when the two units work in combination with one another; this puts an end to the need to resize generator sets and to the problems inherent in working with a low load profile. 

    3. It solves the problem of noise in urban environments where noise requirements are increasingly constant, given that they are even able to operate at night without generating any noise impact.

    4. Reduction in OPEX. The Generator Set will only start up if the Battery Energy Storage Systems or BESS (EHR) needs to be recharged or if large loads need to be used. This avoids considerable fuel and maintenance costs per unit which extends the lifetime of the generator set and minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO). The EHR improves the load profile of the Generator Set which means lower specific fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

    5. The resale value and the lifetime of the generator set increases, as it will have to run for fewer hours.

    6. The total cost of ownership of the battery is lower as virtually no maintenance is required, plus it has a guaranteed service life of more than 5 years.

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