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    An increasing number of extreme weather events, combined with the outdated, problematic power grid in the U.S. and Canada, is accelerating demand for UL2200 certified HIPOWER SYSTEMS' backup generators. 

    If your business relies heavily on electricity, whether you have equipment running round-the-clock or you have daily production processes that require heavy use of electrical power, it's important to have a backup power supply. For these purposes, we recommend our UL 2200 certified Heavy-Duty Industrial Diesel Standby generator series. HIPOWER SYSTEMS knows all about the need for backup power. 

    Having been in the business of providing high-quality generators for more than two decades, we make sure that our backup power generators are built to suit each client's specific power generation needs.

    For industrial use, our HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL power generators are designed to supply power for running several heavy duty equipment at the same time. What this means for our clients is that production and operations won't be interrupted when the power suddenly goes out.


    Wind Certified

    Our HDI Diesel Standby Series  has been certified for winds up to 200 mph to be in compliance with Florida building codes and structural specifications.

    Certified with (IBC) Seismic Certification

    HDI Diesel Standby units (HDI-60 to HDI-600) were put to the test and undergo different configurations on the earthquake simulator shaking table to make sure the gensets will survive seismic events.

    Ease to operate controllers

    Digital control panel with manual and automatic start and stop features. Many programmable automatic functions for local and remote controls with LED lights and tamper proof engine hour recorder.

    Volvo FPT and Mitsubishi Engines

    Reliable, efficient engines are the heart of our generators. HIPOWER SYSTEMS works only with engines manufacturers with an excellent reputation for safety, dependability and longevity under a range of environmental conditions.

    For standby applications, diesel generators have an unbeatable response time. They can start up with a 100% load response in just ten seconds after any grid outage and prevent any interruption in supply from affecting the normal running of a factory, hospital or data center on which a public institution depends.



    The International Building Code (IBC) requires that critical systems and components must not only maintain structural integrity during an earthquake, but also remain operational and continue to carry out their primary functions (per 2015 IBC Chapter 17). To ensure the highest quality in the HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL (HDI) product line up to HDI-600, HIPOWER SYSTEMS used for its seismic certification, an independent Earthquake Simulator Laboratory - The Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) Lab at the University of California in the city of Berkeley, CA. 

    HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL DIESEL STANDBY units (HDI-60 to HDI-600) were put to the test and undergo different configurations on the earthquake simulator shaking table to make sure the gensets will survive seismic events.

    Seismic Brochure

    Key Features of our Backup Generators


    BEST IN CLASS - Best-in-class digital controls incorporating easy to use displays with configurable alarms and protections.


    SOUNDPROOF - Features such as top air discharge and residential silencers ensure the quietest possible operation.



    Clean electrical arrangement with labeled wire (Not Stamped).


    ROBUST DESIGN - First class enclosures provide strength and durability while achieving an attractive design.


    EASY-ACCESS - Compact, durable enclosure designs offer large, easy-access doors for service and scheduled maintenance.


    INNOVATION - Advanced telematics solutions offer companies the convenience of remote generator control and troubleshooting.

    All the support you need at your disposal

    Do you want to use our sizing tool to find the generator set that best suits your installation? Or if you need to access our digital catalogue of spare parts, don't worry, get access to our applications from any device and we will provide you with the tools to increase your productivity. 


    Faster, more efficient, more autonomous...

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