HIPOWER Spare Parts 

    To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose genuine spare parts. HIPOWER guarantees parts that are custom designed, tested and approved specifically for your generator sets. HIPOWER spare parts maximize performance, prolong the life of your equipment and meet today's strict requirements. Superior design and top-quality materials result in maximum power, longevity and low total cost of operation.

    At HIPOWER SYSTEMS, we understand your equipment may be a critical piece of the puzzle for your operations. We strive to maintain an inventory capable of assisting you in getting the consumables your generator needs. We stock the belts, air, oil and fuel filters your equipment needs to run as it's designed. Our inventory has been designed to support you.

    Optimal protection of your engine: Filters

    Our filters are engineered to resist premature plugging while providing reliable filtration at the specified particle size. They're designed to resist collapse, even under severe duty. 

     High-Quality Construction. Original Equipment filters are specifically fitted to respect HIPOWER technical requirements. That is why they are the best products for your machines.

     Superior Filtering Media.  Media is the key element of air and liquid filters. Our filters guarantee higher efficiency, lower restriction and higher capacity. 

    Protection. Our filters improve engine performance and reduce downtime and operating costs.

    Find your spare parts in EYE

    EYE is a software powerhouse that makes finding parts quickly and accurately! 

    EYE is a software powerhouse that makes finding parts quickly and accurately. With multiple methods to research your particular unit, we’re certain this program will make your parts and service department operate more efficiently.

    Dear Valued Business Partner 

    HIPOWER has been working diligently behind the scenes to create a powerful new tool to assist our partners in operating more efficiently. This new tool, “EYE”, is a B2B program designed to quickly research HIPOWER PRODUCTS you’re maintaining, or are in your inventory. 

    EYE is a software powerhouse that makes finding parts quickly and accurately. With multiple methods to research your particular unit, we’re certain this program will make your parts and service department operate more efficiently. 

    Having access to each unit’s illustrated parts catalogue (IPC) assists the parts and service teams in a manner much faster than possible before. A technician in the field with their laptop is now able to view a particular units’ parts breakdown and consumable kits, and send the list to their parts department, or directly to HIPOWER’s parts department for near-immediate replies with current stock levels. After you’ve created an account, there are video tutorials inside the User’s “Private Area” to learn the functionality of EYE. The simplicity of its use is easy to see once you’ve viewed the home screen. For our partners outside the conterminous United States that have models that were built in Spain, you’ll have the option to switch from HIPOWER to HIMOINSA to research those units. We implore you to take advantage of EYE and help HIPOWER help your organization become better at what we do! We want our dealer partners to have the best tools available! We now have one more method to conduct business at the speed of success! 

    Thank you for your participation in EYE!

    24/7 Availability

    Access our digital spare parts catalogue, insert the serial number of your product and with a simple click you will find all the spare parts for your model.

    Part & Service

    Part & Service

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