What is EHR | Battery Power Generator?

    Is an innovative energy storage and distribution system that reduces noise and emissions and offers a variety of advantages, including increased reliability and improved energy efficiency. It can be used independently or integrated into power generation systems operating on Diesel or Spark-Ignited generators. The system can also be connected to the grid or used with photovoltaic or other renewable generation.

    The battery power generator is reliable and robust, made with high-quality components. The EHR mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions, guaranteeing high performance in a wide range of temperatures from -5ºF to 122ºF. Its electrical and mechanical protections ensure user safety at all times. The EHR is ideal for urban, noise-sensitive environments, buildings and events in metropolitan areas, telecommunications, low-load rental applications, and renewable power storage.

    EHR is available in single-phase -20 & 40 kVA- and three-phase - 30 kVA nominal power solutions, with two different storage capacity options per model (ratios of 1:1 and 1:2). This optimal configuration makes it possible to complete the battery charging process in less than 1.5 hours (ratio of 1:1). 

    1. Ease of Use | HICORE Smart Management System

    HICORE is a smart management system that lets operators select the most favorable power source for a specific load condition at any given time. It can be integrated with diesel and spark-ignited generator sets or connected to public electricity grids* and renewable energy sources. 

    *Note: Check with your electricity provider prior to connecting to your local public electricity grid.

    2. Efficiency and Optimal Performance | EHR & Generator

    The EHR can operate as a main power source, reducing emissions and noise to zero, or it can be combined with a diesel or spark-ignited generator set to enable intelligent load management. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically in these combined working scenarios. But that's not all...

    What are the advantages of hybridization? (EHR + Generator)


    3.  Mobile Charging Station | Recharging electrical machinery 

    Now that the equipment fleet is being electrified, rental companies need on-site charging stations to ensure that they can recharge their equipment, as well as easily transportable units that can be made available to end users at work sites alongside whatever electric equipment they have rented.   

    ' Optimize times and reduce downtime,
    on construction and events sites... '  

    4.  Modes of Use | How does the EHR work?

    The pre-configured working mode selector allows the user to configure the Battery Power Generator for the different applications or modes of use: Plug & Play, Power Booster, Light Loading, Peak Shaving, UPS, Load Sharing. And always with the goal of increasing efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability while reducing emissions in an effort of optimizing available energy resources.

    5. Case studies

    Do you want to know how EHR performs in a real case?

    Discover here the performance data for the 'Peak Shaving' and 'Light Load' cases.

    6.  Features and Benefits of using EHR


    100% clean solution. Reduces your carbon footprint.


    (UX-UI) User-friendly interface designed by HIMOINSA to simplify your day-to-day work. HICORE, smart management system.


    Ready to connect Plug & Play PV panels to the system. Including up to 8kW MPPT, we can integrate renewable energies into any working mode, increasing efficiency.


    Smartphone APP (Remote configuration, maintenance & diagnostics) / WEB Portal / 3G/4G Remote Communication, Dual SIM Modem/Router. 


    The mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions and temperatures from -5ºF to 122ºF. The canopy has best-in-class primer and powder coating. Galvanised frame (optional). 


    The design includes a lifting eye, skid frame with forklift pockets, anti-theft features and first contact point to avoid scratches on the canopy. Its compact design makes it possible to transport up to 13 units by truck and 6 and 14 units in twenty-foot and forty-foot containers respectively. 


    Wide doors in all sides, so easy access to change air filters.


    Reduction of OPEX & TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

    Find out more about EHR | Battery Power Generator

    Watch the videos and download the EHR Brochure.

    Everything you need to know is here!

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